Absolute Security / Assured Privacy

One Person.
One Identity.

We've built the most secure and easy way to log into websites, apps, and other connected services. With AERPASS you'll never need to remember usernames or passwords, and your privacy and personal info will always be secure.

Act always so as to treat all others as ends, and never as a means only.”

Immanuel Kant  —  Philosopher

At AerPass, we put our users first in everything that we do. This paragraph will expound upon that ideal.

The AerPass Mission

We make your identity safer and easier to use.

At AERPASS we believe that the safest ID is one you never have to show to anyone, the safest password is no password at all, and the safest way to pay is without an account number.  Your identity is the key to almost everything you do in life.  AERPASS lets you assert your identity without ever sharing any of your personally identifying information.

Universal Access

AERPASS can easily be integrated into any connected system to power most types of identity-based transactions.

Absolute Security

AERPASS authenticates all parties to every transaction and never transmits any private information.

Easy to Use

Just launch the app, scan a QR code, and tap "Authorize" to login anywhere login with AERPASS is available.

100% Secure

No personally identifying information is ever transmitted over the internet. All logins are processed in the AERPASS secure cloud.

Eliminates Phishing

AERPASS authenticates both the user for the website, and the website for the user, eliminating fake website phishing attacks.

No More Password Resets

More than 33% of all logins are now from the password reset page. AERPASS eliminates this headache once and for all.