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What is AerPass?

AerPass is a mobile payment system that allows users to transact in a completely secure and hassle-free environment built atop the decentralized blockchain ledgers that ensure immutability and transparency of the highest order. The key to the power of the platform is the smart wallet that makes smarter, faster, better, cheaper, and safer payments a reality. Transactions on the platform take place between verified identities, which leads to confidence in payments and secures the information of the trading parties.

Our Services

Make Payments

AER Smart Tokens For Low-Cost Transactions
AerPass powers low-cost transactions through its native AER tokens based on the NEM blockchain. The platform allows conversions from local fiat currencies to AER and vice versa through the AWALA exchange. AerPass provides for frictionless payments like never before.

Receive Money

Smart Wallet Technology
The smart wallet technology in AerPass is very user-friendly, allowing people globally to benefit from the blockchain technology. AerPass is payments made smarter, better, faster, more secure, and of course, cheaper.

Manage Finances

One-Click Transactions
AirPass enables one-click transactions on e-commerce portals. No need to enter passwords or other information. It’s just approve and go on the AerPass network. It’s really that simple and user-friendly. These features, in combination with our smart wallet technology and AER Smart Tokens allows for you to manage your finances in a frictionless manner, while keeping abreast of all transactions.

Our Benefits

With our convenient and mobile friendly payment systems, identity protection, and ability to democratize the industry, there are numerous benefits to using AerPass.


Convenient & Mobile-Friendly
All payments can be made securely and conveniently through the use of mobile phones- the key to the power of AerPass. The application can be used both online and in the real-world wherever credit and debit cards are accepted.


Our AER smart tokens for low-cost transactions coupled with our one-click transactions makes making and receiving payments fast and simple, getting rid of unnecessary delays while also increasing security.


Identity Protection
One of the core strengths of the AerPass platform is the identity assertion protocols that ensure no sensitive data is ever sent to remote servers for validation of payments, which instead use a Multi-Party Authentication procedure requiring all users to be verified. AerPass is identity made simple.


AerPass Executive Bios

Mike Donnell

Mike Donnell

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Donnell is a CEO with a 20 year track record of leading public and private telecommunications and software businesses, ranging in size from start-ups to companies with $725M in revenue and over 2,500 employees. He is the former CEO of Cellular One, which was sold to AT&T for $3.6B, the former CEO of New Global Telecom, a hosted VoIP services company, which was sold to Comcast, and the former CEO of venture backed and publicly traded companies eSoft, ZI, and Sutus. He is also the former Regional President of PageNet.
Jess Taylor

Jess Taylor

Founder, President, Chief Operating Officer
Taylor is a founder of numerous projects with 20 years of experience in technology and media businesses ranging in size from start-ups to industry leaders, with projects ranging in scope from micro-budget to mega-budget. Taylor is the co-inventor of the AerPass multi-party authentication and secure transaction technologies, the founder and CEO of Relevance Media and iVote Mobile, and the former President of Ethereal Entertainment. He is also a former producer at eMotion Pictures, T3Media (Wazee Digital), and Globeville Studios.
Howard Person

Howard Person

Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
Person is an executive with 20 years of experience managing, acquiring, and placing business development assets valued in the billions of dollars throughout the United States. He is President & CFO at Relevance Media, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at iVote Mobile, and Principal at HP Real Estate Holdings & Business Development Consulting.  Formerly, he was Vice President of Investments at Acacia Capital, and Vice President of Acquisitions at Amberwood Development.
Harry Sorensen

Harry Sorensen

Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Sorensen is a senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience designing and developing enterprise systems for technology giants. He is the co-inventor of the AerPass multi-party authentication and secure transaction technologies, and a Senior Consultant to NREL, United Launch Alliance, and Lockheed Martin. He is a former senior software engineer at Sun Microsystems and a former senior software engineer at Lockheed Martin.
Jeff Kern

Jeff Kern

Co-Founder, VP Business Development
Kern is an executive with over 25 years sales leadership. He has been responsible for budgets up to $35M, and has managed and motivated national sales teams, handling 15 offices across the US. He is the former Director of Business Development at Relevance Media and iVote Mobile, former VP of Business Development for Brave St. Productions, and former Media Executive with Univision, Gannett, and Paramount/Viacom. He has an MBA from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.
Justin Roszelle

Justin Roszelle

VP Software Development
Roszelle is a senior software engineer with 18 years of experience designing and developing full-stack systems for notable Fortune 500 clients such as Sony Pictures, Sony Vaio, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Western Union. He is the chief architect and developer of AerPass applications, wallet, and online services, and the founder of Peloton Digital & Zellebook, a personal services industry business management platform.  He a former co-founder & CTO at Sirvo (human resources for the restaurant industry) and Active Junky (online marketplace for sports gear).
Jose Paternostro

Jose Paternostro

VP Global Sales
Paternostro is an executive with over 20 years in international company management, acquisitions, consulting, strategic planning, investment evaluation, and advising. He maintains high end contacts in numerous industries with specialization in Latin American and the Caribbean. A Gaming industry veteran, Paternostro sits on the board of MGS, a major casino operating company in Colombia, and was formerly Director Latin America of Octavian Systems.  He has also held key senior management roles at Dow, Exxon, and Coca-Cola, and has led successful ventures in Colombia, Panama, the Caribbean, and Italy.
Kurt Hoeven

Kurt Hoeven

Board Member
Hoeven has decades of experience managing businesses in every stage of development, and was formerly CEO of Blue Ocean Holdings. His extensive corporate management experience includes eight years at Hewlett-Packard and the May Company, after which he focused his consultation on emerging companies undergoing significant transformation and/or growth. Hoeven began advising technology case manufacturer OtterBox in 2001 and served as its CFO during a period of rapid growth. In 2011, he became OtterBox’s Global CFO and a board director. Hoeven received an MBA from the Harvard Business School and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in Economics.